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Executive search

In todays rapidly evolving world, it takes a proactive approach to ensure success when you are looking to hire key talent. We consistently put our clients in touch with individuals not always accessible through more traditional reactive recruitment sources.

It's what we do best.

Each role we are asked to fulfil is unique and we treat it that way. By addressing the needs of each assignment and incorporating best search practice we move as quickly as possible and provide regular feedback during each stage of the process.

It is imperative to gain a thorough understanding of what underpins the success and culture of each of our clients. By examining the requirements of each role and establishing how to attract the interest of those individuals not actively looking for a new role, we can use that knowledge to approach, build and deliver a successful shortlist of 4 candidates, usually in less than 6 weeks of instruction.

To find out more, please contact one of our consultants on 01252 419949, or alternatively info@criticalselection.co.uk