Operations Director

£70000 plus bonus and benefits inc car allowance bonus and benefits inc car allowance

Ref: VR1223OD - Notts - £70000 plus bonus and benefits inc car allowance

Job type:

Operations Director 


The Operations Director is a multifaceted role encompassing oversight of field engineers, installation operations, and back office administration staff. Below is an outline of the role and responsibilities.

  1. Leadership and Supervision:
    • Lead, manage, and supervise the department management team responsible for the installation, maintenance, and repair of mobile CCTV systems.
    • Oversee the back-office administration staff to ensure smooth operations and adherence to company policies and procedures.
    • Coordinate with other department heads to ensure operational harmony and efficiency.
    • Foster a positive work environment, promoting a culture of excellence, teamwork, and continuous learning.


  1. Strategic Planning and Execution:
    • Develop and implement strategic plans to enhance the efficiency, quality, and overall performance of the field and installation operations.
    • Collaborate with other senior leadership to align operational strategies with the company's broader goals.


  1. Operational Oversight:
    • Oversee the day-to-day operations ensuring that projects and installations are completed on time, within budget, and to the required quality standards.
    • Ensure operational procedures and practices are adhered to and continuously improved.


  1. Financial Management:
    • With the assistance of the Financial Manager - Develop, manage, and monitor the operational budget, ensuring cost efficiency and financial sustainability.
    • With the assistance of the Financial Manager - Analyse financial reports, operational metrics, and performance indicators to drive operational improvements.


  1. Customer Satisfaction and Relationship Management:
    • Work closely with the sales and customer service teams to ensure a positive customer experience.
    • Resolve any escalated customer issues in a timely and professional manner.


  1. Technology Management:
    • Stay updated on the latest technological advancements in the mobile CCTV industry and ensure the company's technology resources are effectively utilized.


  1. Compliance and Risk Management:
    • Ensure compliance with industry regulations, standards, and company policies.
    • Identify, assess, and mitigate operational risks.


  1. Performance Analysis and Reporting:
    • Monitor and analyse operational performance data, providing regular reports and making recommendations for improvements.
    • Monitor the performance of both field engineering and back-office administration teams.
    • Identify areas of improvement and implement strategies for enhanced operational efficiency.


  1. Vendor and Contract Management:
    • Negotiate contracts with vendors, suppliers, and service providers to secure advantageous agreements.


  1. Professional Development and Training:
    • Ensure ongoing professional development and training for staff to enhance skills, knowledge, and performance.
    • Facilitate training programs for staff to improve skills and knowledge in line with technological advancements in the CCTV industry.


  1. Project Management:
    • Oversee multiple projects, ensuring they are completed on time, within scope, and budget.


  1. Internal Communication:
    • Ensure clear communication within and between departments, promoting an understanding of operational objectives and performance expectations.


Key Senior Management Staff the role will be responsible for:

  • Procurement & Dispatch Manager
  • Operations Manager (Engineer Management)
  • Key Account Manager (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Service Co-Ordinator (Administration)


Key Skills

  • Developing, improving and implementing operations and production plans to meet company goals
  • Managing the day-to-day operations of every department, establishing company policies, implementing necessary changes and adhering to compliance procedures, laws and regulations
  • Evaluating overall company performance
  • Providing all necessary reports, assisting management in goal setting and promoting company growth and anticipating and forecasting trends and patterns of the company and marketplace
  • Managing finances, developing, monitoring and analysing the departmental and company budgets and financial reports
  • Creating financial plans for increasing revenue margins
  • Allocating the company’s resources, materials and equipment to the most productive functions, supply chain and delivery management
  • Creating operation strategies to minimise stock losses, implementing initiatives to reduce company costs and increasing employee productivity



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