How to prepare for an interview

How to prepare for an interview

Confirm the contact details

Make sure you have all the details you need, directions to your venue, the name of the interviewer, a contact number should you need to call them en route and the correct time. If you require parking, check that there is space available and if it needs to be allocated.

Choose interview attire

Always wear a suit to an interview, no matter how informal the meeting is said to be. For the gents, opt for a plain shirt and tie, nothing to garish and ladies don’t wear anything too revealing.
First impressions count so make sure your shoes are polished!

Review the job description

Read through the job description and look at where your strengths and weaknesses are. Write down any questions that you may have related to the job and think about the qualities and experience you need to do the job. The interviewer will be looking for you to prove you have the experience required, so think of examples that demonstrate where you have used the relevant experience in the past.

Research the company and the interviewer

Visit the company website and get as much information from it as possible. Companies like you to have a good understanding of their products and services as well as the history of the business.
It is often a good idea to “mystery shop” one of their outlets, be it a dealership or store. If it is relevant try out the product.
Always try and research the person you are meeting. People are often mentioned on the internet so it is always worth checking.

List of questions and a note pad

Always take a list of questions with you. They can be related to the job, the company, or future career path. All are relevant and it shows you have thought about the meeting. As a result, take a note pad with you to write the answers down, again it shows genuine interest and means you can refer to your notes at a later date.

On arrival

Always make sure your mobile phone is switched off.
Make sure you have parked in the correct place so as not to be interrupted during the meeting or get a shock when you leave.
Even if you are nervous try not to have a cigarette before hand, no one likes the smell attached to it in a meeting.

The money question

This topic is to be avoided at a first interview, if you are asked about your salary package simply reiterate what you are on and the benefits attached and then leave it there.
If you are pushed on the topic in further meetings state you are sure any offer will be appropriate.

Close them

Even if the meeting is an exploratory one, it is always important to show interest in the role. Asking whether the interviewer has any reservations means they can be dealt with on the spot rather than dwelled upon and asking whether you will be going through to the next stage or whether you are right for the job, shows the interviewer a level of confidence which is particularly sought after in a sales role. If approached in the right way this does not have to be perceived as pushy.

Be enthusiastic

Always be enthusiastic about the role and the company whilst in an interview. If you decide after the meeting it is not for you, then that is your decision, however if you do not appear interested in the job, you may not get the chance to make that decision.

Try to relax and good luck.